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Carbon fiber electric floor heating

Carbon fiber electric floor heating

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Looking for your own warmth in the winter
    At present, there are countless products for heating on the market; electric stoves, small sun, hot oil, air conditioners, heating stoves, etc. In the cold winter, when these facilities are used for heating, there are various unsatisfactory situations. In the central heating house, there is a relatively fixed heating period. I believe everyone is also aware of it!
     21st century heating high-tech era products: carbon fiber electric ground
Pay attention to the warmth of the world and let love spill into the world!
High-tech era products - carbon fiber electric floor heating
Feature 1: Environmental protection / no noise:
    Carbon fiber electric floor heating is the use of electrons to collide with friction and heat (only the heating element is heated). There is no motor type machine work, so no noise is generated. It avoids air pollution caused by coal-fired and gas-fired boilers. The entire process does not produce other pollution such as strong light.
Feature 2: Significant health benefits:
    Carbon fiber electric floor heating produces far-infrared rays that have become the "light of life" by the medical world. The wavelengths are concentrated in the far-infrared light waves of 8-12 μm, which makes the deep cells of the human body moderately resonate. Long-term in such an environment can improve the human microcirculation, make the deep cells of the human body moderately resonate, warm the body and collaterals, promote metabolism, enhance cell vitality, regulate nerve and endocrine system, have Shujinhuoxue, improve human immunity And other effects. The far-infrared health effect unique to carbon fiber is unmatched by other heating products. The far-infrared rays emitted by him are 80% consistent with the human body, and can improve the blood circulation of the human body. Cervical diseases, waist and leg diseases, joint diseases and other diseases are very common. Good auxiliary physiotherapy.
Feature 3: Convenient / energy saving:
    Floor heating installation takes almost no space. The interior space is not occupied under the ground, which increases the freedom and aesthetics of the room layout. The indoor radiator and the pipe were removed, the use area and space of the room were increased, and the high-tech carbon fiber was used as the heating element. The electric heat conversion rate was as high as 99%, the energy loss was small, the efficiency was extremely high, and the electricity was generated within several tens of seconds. The surface temperature of the body rises rapidly, and the heat energy is transmitted to the space rapidly, so that the indoor temperature is continuously increased. After 5-10 minutes, the heat is radiated at a constant temperature, and the use cost is only about half of the ordinary electric heating. When the room temperature is designed to 16 °C, it can achieve the heating effect of ordinary plumbing 20 °C. Far infrared radiation heating, the temperature of the surrounding objects is higher than the air temperature. When the heating system is closed for a short time, the heat emitted by the objects around the room will keep the temperature stable. The role. The test showed that the system was powered off for 8 hours and the room temperature was only decreased by 2 °C. It saves more than 1/3 of heating costs compared to central heating. Low cost operation, high quality enjoyment! Infrared heat is emitted after power-on, and the surrounding dense objects (walls, floor furniture, etc.) first absorb energy through the infrared radiation, and the temperature rises, and then the radiant heat is radiated by these objects to naturally and uniformly raise the indoor temperature, and there is no conventional heating system belt. The dry, sultry feeling, the indoor temperature is balanced, let you feel the warmth of the spring in the cold winter!
Feature 4: Security / Controllable
    The carbon fiber electric heating element has no open flame when it is heated, and the carbon fiber has high strength, and avoids the occurrence of breakage in the use of the alloy wire, electric shock, and easy fire and other fire accidents. In addition, the coated flame-retardant ceramicized sheath has a power frequency resistance of more than 4500V, and the normal heat balance temperature is about 35 degrees.
Feature 5: High quality indoor air
The heat is radiated by the far-infrared radiation, and the indoor object is directly heated and heated without heating the air to maintain the moisture in the air. Will not cause indoor heat, odor, skin loss of water, dry mouth, indoor dust, dirty air convection. No dust, no noise, no waste, no waste gas, no electromagnetic radiation, clean and hygienic, it feels like bathing in the sun.
Feature 6: long life / maintenance free
    In the normal specification, the service life is up to 50-70 years, no breakage, no falling off, no oxidation, good heat generation and heat dissipation performance. No running, rushing, dripping or leaking occurs, no maintenance is required for life, and maintenance costs are reduced. A one-time investment, there is no worries.
Feature 7: Wide installation area
    Residential houses, villas, apartments, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, courtyards, bungalows, garages, stadiums, exhibition halls, large public buildings, etc.
what are you waiting for? In the winter, look for your own warmth here!
Comparison of several heating methods:
◆ Central heating: The main source of heat supply is the thermal company. At present, the vast majority of domestic heating systems use coal, gas, and oil-fired boilers as heat sources, and are connected to indoor systems through external or internal networks. The overall feeling is generally (relatively dry), the price is higher than the average individual independent heating costs, facilities can not keep up, easy to appear dripping phenomenon, maintenance trouble!
◆Air-conditioning heating: Air conditioning is divided into two types: central air-conditioning and ordinary air-conditioning; air-conditioning heating is relatively fast, more convenient, with the use, but the power consumption is large. At present, the air conditioner with electric auxiliary heat is 3, for example, the working state is about 10 degrees per hour, the air is dry, the floating dust is increased, the noise is relatively large, and the comfort is poor.
◆Gas boiler heating: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and city gas are used as energy sources. The heating area per household is less than 300 square meters. Can be installed in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the basement or in the attic. By connecting the indoor pipeline to the radiator, it is possible to supply both the heating and the domestic hot water. Very comfortable.
Disadvantages: The heating rate is relatively slow, the price can be used for large-sized units, but the relative price of small units is relatively high. Maintenance is not very convenient. The scale should be cleaned every year. If it is not closed in winter, it will be easy to malfunction, and the gas stove will be used. The age is usually 10-15 years (if you use it to burn hot water all year round, its life will decline).
◆ Far infrared heating cable:
    With electricity as the heating material, the heating area can be designed freely, the installation is relatively simple, and the intelligent thermostat can be used to adjust the temperature of different rooms. When there is no one in the house, just lower the set temperature or turn off. The fever is mainly radiation, radiating far infrared rays beneficial to the human body, and has a good health effect on the human joints.
    The heat conversion efficiency is high, above 99%, and the service life is 50-70 years. No maintenance is required and safety is high. No noise and high comfort. You can decide the installation area yourself according to your needs, and the usage fee is low.
Carbon fiber heating cable has advantages over metal cable
1. High pressure resistance and folding resistance
    The carbon fiber in the carbon fiber heating cable is made of all imported materials, and is made of soft, high temperature resistant, high insulation Teflon layer, crosslinked polyethylene layer, metal heat conduction layer and ceramic silicon protective layer. high. Under the working current 50MA energizing circuit working state, 50,000 times (10,000 times national standard) bending (30 times / min) carbon fiber and coating material without any damage.
2, good insulation
    The carbon fiber heating cable is extremely insulative and its insulation is much larger than the specified value. In the insulation test, the heating cable was immersed in a concentration of 0.8%, 80 ° C normal temperature brine, the insulation resistance was 8550 MΩ (standard not less than 500 MΩ, insulation strength test: 4500V (AC) 1min, 50Hz withstand voltage, no flicker Wear, leakage current ≤ 0.002ma (standard 0.25Ma), with good safety.
3, good energy saving
    When the metal heating cable is started or turned off, due to the material of the metal itself, it will produce an instantaneous maximum power, which can reach more than twice the rated power. At the same time, after starting, in a certain period of time, under the rated working condition, its power will continue to increase continuously, until the rated working state is reached, the rated working power will be restored. Since there is no inrush current, the carbon fiber heating cable will maintain the rated working power at the time of starting and closing, and will not generate instantaneous maximum power, so the energy saving effect is much higher than that of the metal cable. In addition, the sensation of the human being in the 18 degree environment using the far infrared radiation heat transfer is consistent with the feeling of the conduction heat transfer 20 degree environment, that is to say, the low temperature heating can achieve more energy saving.
4, long service life
    The carbon fiber heating cable uses non-metallic material carbon as the raw material, so that the life of the heating element can be guaranteed for one thousand years, and the outer insulating protective layer is made of Teflon layer, crosslinked polyethylene layer, metal heat conduction layer and ceramic silicon protective layer composite. It has a service life of 70 years.
     Health care function of carbon fiber heating cable
    Infrared itself has rapid heat and has a very close relationship with biological growth. Its effects are as follows: Fertility light irradiation → Resonance of the human body → Promoting vibration of water molecules → Intermolecular friction generates thermal reaction → Promotes subcutaneous temperature rise → Thermal expansion and contraction Reduce microvascular expansion to accelerate blood circulation → promote metabolism to remove harmful substances in the body → new enzyme production → make human physiological functions more active.
    The carbon fiber heating cable made of Toray and Toray carbon fiber from Japan is used to emit far-infrared rays of 4um-15um, which accounts for more than 80% of the overall wavelength. It is well known that resonance occurs when two wavelengths interact equally. The human body is a living body. More than 70%-80% of the human body is composed of water molecules. Under the action of resonance, the vibration of water molecules is first activated, and a series of physiological reactions are generated, which can promote the skin and subcutaneous tissues of human body. The cell temperature rises, which causes the human body to transfer heat from the inside to the outside, promotes and improves the blood circulation of the human body; helps to eliminate human fatigue and recovery of body functions; enhances metabolism; and improves human immune function.
Through scientific testing, the thermal effects of far-infrared rays and the absorption of the human body can produce the following functions:
    (1) Activation of the activity of the biomacromolecule enables the molecules of the organism to be excited to be in a higher vibration state. This activates the activity of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acid proteins, thereby exerting the functions of biological macromolecules to regulate the metabolism and immunity of the body, which is beneficial to the recovery and balance of the body functions, and achieves the purpose of preventing and curing diseases and absorbed energy. Converted into heat, causing an increase in skin temperature to stimulate the skin's internal heat receptors;
    (2) Promote and improve blood circulation Far-infrared rays act on the skin, and most of the energy is absorbed by the skin to relax the vascular smooth muscles in time, and the blood vessels are dilated and the blood circulation is accelerated. On the other hand, due to the action of heat, the release of vasoactive substances, the decrease of vascular tension, the expansion of superficial arteries, capillaries and superficial veins, the acceleration and improvement of blood circulation.
    (3) Enhance metabolism If the metabolism of the human body is disordered and the exchange of substances in and out of the body is abnormal, then various diseases will come to an end, such as disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism, which will bring danger to life; disorders of glucose metabolism Diabetes caused by hyperlipidemia caused by disorders of lipid metabolism; gout caused by disorder of protein metabolism. Through the far-infrared heat effect, the vitality of the cells can be increased, the nerve fluid body can be adjusted, the metabolism can be enhanced, and the substance exchange in and out of the body can be stabilized.
    (4) Improve the immune function of the human body Immunity is a physiological protective response of the human body. It includes both cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and plays an extremely important role in the body's defense function and anti-infective effect.
Carbon fiber heating cable is compared with electric heating film and carbon crystal;
    Although the three carbon materials of the same kind are heated and have the health function of carbon fiber, they have the essential difference in service life and insulation, which is mainly caused by different processing techniques:
   The carbon fiber heating cable is made of filament carbon fiber imported from abroad, (the tensile strength is 7-9 times that of the same diameter steel), and the Teflon which is first coated with a plastic king has a temperature resistance of 280 degrees and a resistance of 4500 volts. The characteristics of breakdown.
   The electrothermal film is formed by pulverizing and grinding a powder of a short carbon fiber or a filament carbon fiber to a certain fineness, and then mixing it with a special glue to form a conductive coating printed on the plastic film, and the upper layer is covered with a plastic film. Its insulation depends on two layers of plastic film, the life depends on the degree of fracture resistance of the glue at high temperatures.
   The carbon crystal is formed by short-cut carbon fiber or filament carbon fiber scraps which are short-cut into the required length and uniformly spread on the insulating material as required.
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